Castrol Agriculture lubes protect your machinery before and after harvest.

Lubricants are formulated with many functions in mind – two of these functions include soaking up and neutralising contaminants – as well as protecting surfaces from damage during periods of little or no use.

Contaminants which may have accumulated during periods of little use during the slack period between seasons include:

  • Soot
  • Acids
  • Moisture
  • Dirt & Dust
  • Fuel
  • Other lubricants which may have been used as emergency top up during the rush of work

These should all be removed by a simple oil change for the optimum protection of your valuable income earning assets.

This is true of most compartments like engines, transmissions, hydraulic systems and final drives.

All Castrol Agriculture products contain ICP (Internal Corrosion Protection) a unique oil additive which protects the inside of the machinery during operation as well as when it sits idle.

ICP coats all metal parts and protects against internal corrosion during prolonged shut downs.  For example in sugar farming, seasonal cropping, and during wet seasons.

All tractors and machinery are affected by downtime as they sit idle for long periods. Condensation occurs inside the compartment during cool down. When the unit sits for an extended period of time, no temperature is created to burn off this moisture.

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