John Deere has a wide range of tractors suitable for any type of farm or rural application, so whether you have 50 or 1000 acres we can match a tractor to your needs.

With increased comfort, easier serviceability and higher productivity, these machines combine the traditional John Deere quality and reliability with the latest in tractor technology.

Powerful, efficient and comfortable, Kubota machines are created with the residential or smaller commercial customer in mind.

With easy maintenance and long service life, you can rely on Kubota for years of dependable use across a wide variety of applications from property maintenance to commercial landscaping and farming applications.

Lubricants are formulated with many functions in mind – two of these functions include soaking up and neutralising contaminants – as well as protecting surfaces from damage during periods of little or no use.

Walker helps provide mowers for light residential, all the way up to large commercial mowing needs.  With a range of models utilising simple, clean, fuel efficient, and compact designs that are easy to maintain.